Win Black Friday & Cyber Monday by promoting your deals in these places

by Mariana Vega November 22, 2018

Black Friday is here! By now you have your store set up, your deals placed and everything in order. But, do you know how to attract people to your store? If you don’t promote your deals, no one will no about them and your sales won’t increase.  

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Datos sobre e-commerce en México durante Día de Muertos que deberías saber

by Mariana Vega November 01, 2018

El fin de año, desde Halloween hasta Año Nuevo representa una de las temporadas más importantes para el ecommerce alrededor del mundo. Las ventas en línea se han incrementado en México cada año durante el Día de Muertos.

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10 Facts about Cyber Monday that will keep you up at night

by Mariana Vega October 24, 2018

Cyber Monday is now the highest online spending day in the U.S and other countries as well. If you are still not sure why you should be part of this day, here are some facts that will blow your mind: 

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7 steps to help you increase online sales this Black Friday and Cyber Monday

by Mariana Vega October 17, 2018

It's never too early to start planning for this important shopping days. Did you know Cyber Monday 2016 was the biggest day in the history of US ecommerce? If you want to take advantage of this, you should plan ahead your strategies; otherwise, your customers will buy from someone else and you'll be missing out an incredible opportunity.

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The least favorite social networks in 2018

by Mariana Vega October 03, 2018

The way people use different social networks changes constantly and very fast. This is why brands need to dedicate time to analyzing behavioral patterns in digital media and the purchasing process of the digital consumers. 

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7 reasons why people will share your online content

by Mariana Vega September 12, 2018

In order to optimize your content and create a better one, it is important that you understand what are the reasons that lead to people sharing your content. Is it because it is really good? Is it because they love the way write? Understanding the reasons why people like and share your content will allow you to exploit those reasons, thus increasing the number of people who end up consuming your content. 

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How to Drive More Facebook Traffic to Your Website in 7 Easy Steps

by Mariana Vega August 09, 2018

Do you wish you knew how to drive more traffic to your website? Do you have a Facebook Page and don't know how to take advantage of it or how to make your fans click on your website? Keep reading, this will definitely help you.

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10 amazing sites with breathtaking stock photos that will blow your mind

by Mariana Vega July 26, 2018

Nobody denies that having good, quality images is almost as important as the content. There are many times when creative professionals need a decent picture for their project or their content and sometimes finding websites with stock photos can be a bit tricky.

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We found 5 amazing ways to boost your online sales this summer

by Mariana Vega July 11, 2018

Summer is here and you need strategies that will help you take advantage of this season. We came up with some ideas that will help you. Keep reading for more unique strategies that will help you sell more. 

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How to plan an amazing Instagram feed

by Mariana Vega June 14, 2018

Planning is essential when talking about social media. Instagram has over 800 million active users, so in order to really stand out you need to develop a clear strategy and plan a feed that draws attention and people will find engaging.

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Proven ideas to actually benefit from a referral program

by Mariana Vega May 30, 2018

Referral programs are a systematic way of encouraging people to give you the contact information of possible customers for you.  Big enterprises like Uber and Airbnb realize the importance of referrals and have included this strategy in their core business.

Creating a referral program for your company will bring you many benefits. Not only will you increase your brand awareness and more people will get to know about you, but also, it increases customer loyalty of your existing customers, since they will be investing their reputation and time in recommending your business to their family and friends.

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SEO for Content Marketing 101

by Mariana Vega May 23, 2018

Let’s start with what is SEO. SEO focuses on increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.  Thus, SEO and Content Marketing should work together at all times.

SEO is only one piece of the puzzle. Organic search engine is only one of the many ways you can get quality traffic to your website. Some of the other ways are: email marketing, social media, referrals, paid search, and so on.

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