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What is the fastest Shopify theme in 2020?

What is the fastest Shopify theme in 2020? NinjaNutz®

What is the fastest Shopify theme in 2020?

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Having a fast-loading Shopify Store is as vital for your business as having a functional, professionally designed store. The longer it takes for your store to load, the more likely it is for visitors to exit your store; in consequence, you will lose sales. In fact, for every second your page takes to load, your conversion will drop from 10 to 15%. Speed is also important for SEO; a fast-loading Shopify theme will help you rank higher in search engines. 

Now that you know all of this, let’s answer an important question: what is the fastest-loading Shopify theme in 2020? 

Turbo is a fast-loading premium Shopify theme perfect for stores of every size looking for flexibility, great design, high speed, and enhanced performance. 

Turbo is built for speed. It offers ultra-fast navigation because of its instantaneous page transitions, dynamically minified HTML, and lazy loading optimized images. 

This premium Shopify theme is also highly configurable with features such as accelerated quick view functionality, configurable full-width slideshow and banner image sections, interactive mini cart, social icons, customer login, announcement bar, cart icon options, and expanded styling options for newsletter signup.

Turbo offers other countless features for header configuration such as: 

  • Currency converter available for stores using Shopify Payments.
  • Dropdown menu with up to three menu levels in the navigation.
  • Logo options so you can choose how your logo is displayed in your header. 
  • Mega menu options that allow you to create up to five advanced mega menu layouts. The mega menu will allow you to add an optional block of text at the top and/or bottom of the column, an optional image of your choice with an optional link and caption at the top and/or bottom of the column, and up to four separate menus of your choice.
  • Display your phone number in your header.
  • Predictive search that allows you to add a search box within the header, or as a section block on your homepage. 
  • Sticky header.
  • Top bar/top menu options.

Configure the homepage of your Shopify store to make it look as you want it thanks to features such as:

  • Blog posts section that can be added to your homepage. This is extremely helpful to build a community around your brand and incentivize people to stay more time on your site. Remember the more time they spend on your site, the more probable it is they will buy from you and become loyal to you.
  • Add a Collection list section on your homepage. You can choose the collections you want to display within the theme editor. These collections will be displayed in a grid layout. 
  • Customizable contact form section that can be added to your homepage. This allows your customers to easily get in touch with you. You can customize its image, heading/subheading/text, text position and alignment, show your logo and social media icons, add different fields and a checkbox. 
  • Featured collection, products, and promotions that can be added from your theme editor. You can choose between different layouts to display your products. 
  • Tell your story with a video. Includes a video section on your homepage. This is a very useful feature, as videos increase the engagement and retention of your visitors. 
  • Add different sections such as Google maps (with optional Google Maps API integration), image gallery, images with text or text overlay, logo list, newsletter section, rich text + image, search section, slideshow, testimonials, custom HTML section, text columns with images section, content page section and you can also add a newsletter popup. All sections come with standard width options. 

The collection pages and product pages of your store can also be customized with the Turbo theme: 

  • You can add filtering and collection sorting.
  • Configure the sidebar to fit your brand identity and include more information. You can add a collection list, menu, a content page, recently viewed products, tag filter, tag list, text area, type list, vendor list and content blocks from the theme editor. 
  • Multiple pagination options such as load more, previous/next arrows, and infinite scroll. 
  • Other configurations and features such as Sale/New/Coming Soon banners, social sharing, color swatches below thumbnail, display 2, 3, or 4 products/row, full-width top banner image, add recently viewed items to your sidebar, full-width banner template,  back in stock notification form that allows customers to be notified when a product comes back in stock, product page thumbnail slider,  customize the image gallery on the product page, advanced product page layouts, quantity selector on the product page form, and adding a size chart on your product page.
  • Quick shop feature to allow customers to buy without leaving the collection page. 
  • Add tabs to your product description, which allows you to have more space to describe your product.
  • Enable product reviews, recently viewed products, and related products, 

Other configurations to the footer and MISCELLANEOUS of your Shopify store include: 

Agree to terms checkbox, blog DISQUS comments, add team or gallery pages, customize your footer logo, content and social icons, shipping rates calculator, and video banner section.

Turbo has an app to update your theme. This app is free to use the first year and it allows you to copy the customizations you have already made in the current version of your Turbo theme, so you don’t lose them in case of an update or new version release. This allows you to save time and money. Without the app, if you have custom developments that you need to implement into the newest theme version, you will need to pay your developer to move them over to the new theme. But with the app you won’t need to worry about this. It will update your current version to the newest version, while also moving over all custom developments to the newest version, helping you save time and money.

Turbo was designed to enhance the mobile browsing experience and overall performance of your Shopify store. Its design flexibility with multiple configurable templates and features, and its excellent performance optimization, makes it the perfect choice for brands and entrepreneurs who want their brand to stand out. 

You will absolutely love this Shopify theme, but if you don’t, don’t worry! They have a special 14-day guarantee. So you can try it and if you are not completely satisfied, they will refund it!

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