The Most Customizable Premium Shopify Theme in 2020

by Mel Dominguez September 10, 2020

The Most Customizable Premium Shopify Theme in 2020 - Flex Out Of The Sandbox - NinjaNutz Shopify Experts

What is the best premium Shopify theme in 2020? 

Having a Shopify store with a good design is vital to your business success. A good design helps attract your potential customers’ attention to your activities, and it is an essential part of marketing. Establishing a powerful brand identity helps differentiate yourself from competitors; choosing the right colour schemes, and fonts require a strategic mind. 

A good Shopify Theme can help elevate your brand identity and create a brand experience that encourages people to buy from you. If you are looking for a flexible, customizable theme that is easy to customize and gives you ultimate control and unlimited options, keep reading, you don’t want to miss this information. 

Flex is a game-changing Shopify Theme with unique customizable styles to choose from. No matter what industry you’re in, you can get started fast thanks to their Demo Shop Import Feature, which allows you to fast track a shop set up and apply the settings used in the demo shop to your theme. 

This premium Shopify theme has multiple features such as: 

  • Add unlimited layout customization options for your homepage. You can choose a pre-built demo shop layout or start from scratch and build a beautifully designed shop.
  • Advanced CSS customizations to individual sections. Before Flex, if you wanted to change the CSS style of one particular section only, you had to find the right element, ID, class selector to target. Now you can simply apply your CSS styling to one particular section, and you don't need to target a specific element, ID or class. Now it's easier than ever to apply individual customizations to each section without affecting others!
  • Access to their icon and element library to add different visual elements to the store. This library is available in multiple sections such as Announcement Bar, new Icon Bar, Featured Promotions, and Text Columns with Icons.
  • Unique product sale stickers and beautifully-designed button styles.
  • Special sections such as Testimonials and text columns with icons.
  • Advanced Mega menus functionality. With multiple categories and nested links, as well as images, you know you have great flexibility to make your navigation help your visitors find what they're looking for.
  • Control over multiple aspects of your design such as margins, and width settings on each section. This seems like a small detail but no other Shopify theme allows for such individual customizations to each section!
  • And so much more goodies that will allow you to achieve the most complex and beautiful designs you want, no matter which industry you're in!


bloom demo shop card emporium demo shop cardtechno demo shop card


Flex is a Shopify theme designed to increase conversions with 3 unique product page layouts special features such as sticky bottom bar, 4 different header and footer styles and a sticky bottom bar. 

If you need to build your store fast, you can also choose from over 12 pre-designed shops, with placeholder content available for download, which will help you use the same images for your store.

Mel Dominguez
Mel Dominguez


Co-Founder of NinjaNutz, Melissa is passionate about technology and gadgets. She also loves animals and coffee. All of these are part of her daily life. Her job makes her work with Shopify stores 99% of the time and is a Shopify Expert since 2016.

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