Things you need to know to start working from home

Things you need to know to start working from home NinjaNutz®

Things you need to know to start working from home

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Working from home has a lot of benefits. In NinjaNutz we have always been advocates for working from home. However, we also know it can be challenging if you are not used to it. The key is being organized and having a plan. Here are some tips that will be helpful for you during these times:


  1. Wake up, take a bath, and get ready as if you were going to get out, even though you are not. You mustn’t work in your pajamas, or from your bed or couch. If you wake up and get ready as you do every other day, then chances are you will be more productive. Of course, everyone has their own different style, but most people are more productive and perform better different tasks when they are not in their pajamas.
  2. Create a working space. This means, instead of working from your bed, assign a desk and special space in your house where you will work every day. Put in there pictures and photos with motivational quotes. This is your space, so take some time to design it. If you don’t do this, you might find yourself working from your bed, relaxing, falling asleep and get distracted all the time.
  3. Have a to-do list and an agenda. Start your day by planning what you will do. Focus on the important and the urgent things first. Make sure you also set aside time to eat and relax. One of the challenges of working remotely is that people tend to overwork. Don’t overload yourself with work. Even though you are working from home, having time for yourself is still important. Once you’ve finished working for the day, turn off your notifications and stop answering emails. 
  4. If you live with someone else or have kids, let them you’ll be working from home and that it’s essential to avoid interruptions in order to get your work done well and in time.
  5. Many apps and tools can help you stay organized and in constant communication with your team, such as Slack, Zoom, and even Google Drive. Remember that working from home means you’ll need constant communication with your colleagues, so communicate as much as possible.
  6. Use distraction limiting tools such as Hocus Focus for Mac, RescueTime, or StayFocusd for Chrome.


Remember that working from home can also be very rewarding. Take advantage of tools and apps that help you organize your day to day and thus be more productive.


Not sure where to find a job? Try Jooble — Jobs from home!


PS: Please be safe and, if possible, stay indoors.

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