The 5 Most Impactful Ecommerce Trends You Can’t Ignore This 2020

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The 5 Most Impactful Ecommerce Trends You Can’t Ignore This 2020

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A new year comes with new goals. One of the areas you should be working on is your business. Achieve your goals quickly by knowing what the current trends are. Here are some of the most important e-commerce trends for this 2020. 


  1. AR and VR. These tools can help your customers understand how certain products would look in real life. These immersive technologies have many benefits for your ecommerce, such as more consumer engagement and reduced product return rates. Brands such as Ikea are using AR through their apps so that customers can preview different products in their house before buying them, which also increases customer satisfaction. 
  2. Social Shopping. Social media is a powerful tool to influence customer decisions, so it’s no surprise that social media and ecommerce now go hand in hand. The social aspect of shopping will always be there; in fact, it is 87% more probable that we will buy a product if someone we know recommends it to us. One way to take advantage of this trend is by creating shoppable feeds on Instagram. 
  3. Customization and Personalization. Ecommerce is changing the retail industry by providing a better experience, and part of this means providing products that satisfy your customer’s specific needs and inviting them to be part of the creation process. By doing this, the interaction with the brand will increase, and customer loyalty will improve. 
  4. Same-day shipping. As different services like Amazon Prime that offer same-day shipping are becoming more popular; customers are now expecting the same type of service from all the competitors. “According to a McKinsey study, same-day shipping will make up a quarter of all package deliveries by 2025.” (jilt.com). If this is not something you are offering, you might start considering this, as it can be the difference between buying from you or from the competition. 
  5. Voice Shopping. Even though this is the last point in our list, this is one of the most important ecommerce trends. It is expected that this year around 50% of all searches will be by voice. With the increased adoption of home assistants such as Google Home and Alexa, voice commerce is also expected to keep growing, and according to invespcro.com, around 33% of customers expect to purchase their digital home assistants this year. What this means for you need to start optimizing your SEO strategy and keywords. 



These are some of the ecommerce trends for this year. Start by setting goals for one or two of these trends, and you will see a significant improvement in your ecommerce sales.


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