Proven Ecommerce Strategies To Increase Your Black Friday Sales

Proven Ecommerce Strategies To Increase Your Black Friday Sales NinjaNutz®

Proven Ecommerce Strategies To Increase Your Black Friday Sales

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are approaching, and you must start preparing. “In the US, online sales on Black Friday have grown steadily over the last five years, reaching a high of $6.2 billion in 2018.” (Sale Cycle Blog, 2019). Your online store needs to be optimized for when this sales madness starts. If you don’t have an online store or it’s not professionally designed, you are losing money. Here are some proven ecommerce strategies to increase your Black Friday - Cyber Monday sales

  • Add a countdown timer and let shoppers know how many products are left in stock. By doing this, you are creating scarcity and urgency, two psychological principles that marketers use to incentive purchases. Let your customers know when a product is selling fast, when something is about to sell out or when an offer is about to expire. This will help them make up their minds. 


  • Create a referral program. According to Nielsen, “92% of consumers believe suggestions from friends and family more than advertising.” (Nielsen, 2019). By tapping into the personal networks of your customers, you will improve your chances of making the sale and having more customers.


  • Add a live chat. Your website visitors and potential customers might have doubts or need to talk to someone, and many times, they will be looking for a quick answer; otherwise, the product they want might sell out, or the offer might end. By making communication easier and more accessible, you will build trust, which is the basis for online sales. 


  • Make sure your return policy is clear. Yes, this will help you increase sales. Why? Because by making your return policy clear, you will create a relationship built in trust. If your policies are not clear and your customers want to return something but can’t, then they might feel misled, which in the end will hurt your reputation. 


  • Set up heatmaps and Google Analytics. Doing this will help you understand how your customers behave, gather data and optimize your online store accordingly. 


  • Add social proof and reviews. Add notifications of who has bought that product and what they think about it. The FOMO is real, and people want things other people have. Social proof and reviews reassure them they are making the right buying decision. If other people are buying this, then it must be a great product!


  • Create special discounts and bundles. Sometimes two or three pages offer the same products at the same price, and exclusive discounts, bundles or even a free gift no matter how small it is, can make all the difference and can make you stand out from the competition. 


  • Capture emails and offer an incentive for subscribing to your list. You can offer an additional 5% or 10% for subscribing to your email list, this way you will capture emails and continue the relationship with them and they will be happy with their discount. 


  • Upsell and cross-sell. This will increase the average order value, as customers will have options to add a related product or upgrade their order. 


These are some proven strategies that might help you. The key is preparation. You can check out more ideas in this post: 


We can add these functionalities to your store. Contact us and increase your sales these Black Friday - Cyber Monday!

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