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7 reasons why people will share your online content

7  reasons why people will share your online content NinjaNutz®

7 reasons why people will share your online content

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In order to optimize your content and create a better one, it is important that you understand what are the reasons that lead to people sharing your content. Is it because it is really good? Is it because they love the way write? Understanding the reasons why people like and share your content will allow you to exploit those reasons, thus increasing the number of people who end up consuming your content. 

Here are some of the reasons we found:

  • Your content is unique or valuable.
Think of the industry you are in.  What hasn't been told yet? What is it people would like to know? Is there any topic you can go deeper into? Maybe you have a new and innovative approach to a topic? If you are not sharing anything that brings value to your audience or something with a new approach, chances are people will not be interested in sharing what your content.
  • You are telling stories that give emotion to your audience.

People identify with stories. Whoever tells the best stories will gain people's attention. Stories make a better impression in people than rough data. Tell stories that will make people wonder, happy, amused, or even sad. Maybe you can tell the story about how someone made their life better thanks your product or brand. If people experience strong emotions while reading your content or viewing your videos, they are more likely to share that content and act in any way.  

  • You are giving updated information about a cause or a brand.

People love helping out and feeling like they are part of something bigger. Give your audience something to root for, a cause bigger than themselves and you will see how they will become your biggest advocates. 

  • Participating in your conversation gives them a sense of purpose and achievement.

If the content you've created is interesting or controversial enough that by commenting on it your audience feels like they are contributing with their knowledge, people will want to share that with their friends. 

  • They somehow relate to your content. 

Maybe the story you are telling is similar to theirs. If people can relate at any level to the content you are sharing with them they will definitely share the content with their friends and family since it is after all, their own story. 

  • You are teaching them something they didn't know before and they appreciate sharing that knowledge.

There are a lot of topics you can find in the internet nowadays. Share with your audience something they probably didn't know. People love learning new things everyday and sharing that knowledge makes them feel special and like they are part of something important. 

  • The content you are sharing is inspirational, motivational, or funny.

This is the type of content that is most shared on the internet. So make sure you include this strategy in your content marketing. 

Understanding this points will help you maximize the number of shares. 

Can you think of any more reasons? Let us know!

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