The least favorite social networks this year

by Mariana Vega October 03, 2018

The least favorite social networks this year

The way people use different social networks changes constantly and very fast. This is why brands need to dedicate time to analyzing behavioral patterns in digital media and the purchasing process of the digital consumers. 

On average, people spend 135 minutes a day on social media. If you know where your customers are, then you can create marketing campaigns targeted for them.  

This year, according to We are social, the social networks with the biggest monthly user growth are Pinterest, and Instagram with a monthly growth of 33.3% and WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger with a monthly growth of 30%.

The social networks with the least growth were: Twitter with a monthly growth of 4.1%, VKontakte with 7.7% and Facebook with 15.8%.

The social network to watch due to its rapid growth is Weibo. 

What social networks is your brand a part of and what targeted strategies are you creating for your customers?


Mariana Vega
Mariana Vega


Co-Founder of NinjaNutz, Mariana loves writing and creating beautiful content for various industries. She is the main copywriter at NinjaNutz and is also in charge or Social Media. Her two cats give her tons of inspiration to create amazing content for various clients.

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