🔍Full Shopify Store Revision

This is the store where we'll do the revision. We'll send a full collaborator request. Please be ready to approve it from NinjaNutz.

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Need us to check your store and let you know exactly what you are missing before you can launch? With this service we will provide a list of things we recommend you do, change or fix in your store to be as prepared as you can be.

The list we provide will include suggestions of things you can improve and things you are missing in your store and we will also provide the price to fix or do any of these individual tasks.

This service includes a $100 USD credit that you can use to pay for the tasks you want us to do for you based on the results we share. For the rest of the tasks you will have to pay the corresponding price quoted if you want us to do them for you.

Note: Unused credit will not be accepted to pay for other services.

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