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The Power of Resolutions: How Email Marketing Can Drive January Sales Success

The-Power-of-Resolutions-How-Email-Marketing-Can-Drive-January-Sales-Success NinjaNutz®

The Power of Resolutions: How Email Marketing Can Drive January Sales Success

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Happy New Year 2024! We are very excited and ready to help make your Shopify store a resounding success this year. This is the power of caring about your customers' dreams. When you're clear about what your customers want to achieve and you help them attain those results, they will simply love you.

That's why, taking advantage of the fact that it's January and all your customers are more than ready to fulfill their New Year's resolutions, in this blog post, we'll guide you through brand loyalty strategies that will allow you to assist your customers, maintain the loyalty they have with your brand, and in the process, make achieving their goals a resounding success.


Section 1: Understanding January Mindset

January is the month when we feel the freshest, coming off the holiday season with a renewed motivation to make the new year a resounding success through self-improvement and change.

That's why some of the areas where your customers will be highly interested this year are health, fitness, organization, and personal development.

Don't worry if your business doesn't belong to any of these industries; with a bit of creativity, you'll realize that your products can assist your customers on their journey to achieving their goals.

So, the first step is to discover which products or services will generate immense value in your customer's personal development and help them achieve those desired objectives. This way, you can create content that inspires, motivates, and assists your customers throughout the process.


Section 2: Aligning Products with Resolutions

It's crucial that you start putting yourself in your customers' shoes to get an idea of how they think. This way, you're helping them understand their needs and where you can assist them.

For example, one of the most common New Year's resolutions is related to health, both physical and mental. If your business sells vitamins, encourage them to buy supplements that provide more energy. If you're in the stationery business, perhaps you could offer planners and writing materials that keep them focused on their goals and allow self-reflection for better personal development.

When showcasing your featured products, it's important to emphasize the significance of their benefits and values in relation to the objectives your customers want to achieve. Do it with wit, humor, and plenty of creativity, and surely your customers will feel irresistibly drawn to click that buy button.

And if you feel you don't have enough information, ask them! It's important to be in constant communication with your customers. You can do this through email marketing campaigns that offer a reward in exchange for a little information that will be valuable for you in the long run.

Speaking of email marketing, if you're not running campaigns to position your brand and products, now is the time to do so. And Klaviyo is the ideal platform for you to start if you haven't already. Klaviyo is an official Shopify strategic partner that will make your email marketing campaigns easy and powerful. Over 110k paying customers use Klaviyo to own their customer data while turning transactions into productive long-term relationships at scale. If you’re ready to start testing Klaviyo, you can click here.


Section 3: Crafting Motivational Content

We all know that January can feel like an inspiring yet challenging month, with all the distractions and obstacles that hinder us from achieving our goals.

So, a great strategy to position your brand and help your customers stay motivated at the same time is to create motivational and high-value content for them.

In this content, you can share scientific studies explaining why your products are perfect for helping them in the process of achieving their goals. For example, did you know it takes 21 days to form a new habit? How about offering a product bundle they can use during these 21 days?

Another crucial aspect is for them to understand that they are not alone in this process and that there are others on the same journey. It would be ideal to share inspiring messages that make them feel part of a community, as well as sending them testimonials from other customers who have achieved their goals with your products.

Remember, a motivated and engaged customer is a customer who, in the long run, will never want to leave your business.


Section 4: Personalization Strategies

Do you know what makes your customer say, "Wow, this business really understands me!"? It's when they receive content that speaks directly to their preferences, tastes, and goals. The great news is that the majority of email marketing platforms have tools that allow you to segment your audience based on their past purchases, abandoned carts, wishlists, and more.

So, when you're crafting your email marketing campaigns, make sure not to send generalized campaigns unless you're talking about a broad promotion or a specific flash sale.


Section 5: Setting Up Special Promotions

Now that you understand that your customer is looking to fulfill their resolutions, you'll realize that you finally have an incredible opportunity to put together bundles and special offers that allow you to sell more, and that your customer genuinely wants to buy.

Why? Well, because now is the best time when their mind is focused on achieving these desired results.

Start by reviewing which products would go well together.

If your customer wants to improve their health and you sell dietary supplements, you could offer them vitamins for the day and for better sleep. This way, if they purchase both products together, they can access a special price, and they will achieve what they are looking for: improving their health.

The only thing you should avoid here is creating bundles that don't make sense because even if you add a discount, it will be challenging for your customer to buy them together if one of them is not necessary for them at the moment.
An example of something that may not make much sense, continuing with the example of dietary supplements, is offering them children's multivitamin gummies, especially if you're not sure your customer is a mom.

Once you have the entire strategy ready, it's time to share it with your customers. To do this, make sure you keep sending these offers by email. It will be the easiest and quickest way for your customer to know that these offers are for a limited time and that they need to decide to buy promptly.


Section 6: Optimizing Timing and Frequency

What we love about Klaviyo is that it provides a lot of information to help you know the best times to send your emails, and this will depend on the most convenient schedules for your customers.

It's not the same for a mom who is at home, and even though she might check her email throughout the day, she's always busy with her kids until late at night. For those working in offices, 9 in the morning, when their workday begins, might be the best time to send these emails.

What you must be clear about is that bombarding your customers with thousands of emails inviting them to buy feels forced and invasive. Make sure to always send more than one because few will take immediate action, but not so many as to become annoying and tempt them to click on the unsubscribe button.

Finally, remember that if your store has any issues or doesn't function correctly, no matter how much effort you put into communicating with your customers, they will simply decide that it's not worth staying in a store that doesn't offer the shopping ease they are looking for.

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