Shopify Setup Terms and Conditions


To get started with any Shopify Store Setup we’ll ask that you supply the source content we’ll work with. Photos, illustrations, and copywriting. We’ll then punch that up and lay it out nicely in your Shopify store.


    Only up to 30 (or 50 products in the Pro plan) will be received in any format and uploaded to the store. We'll be very happy to upload more products for you at no extra cost if you provide a well formatted CSV file for Shopify. If your CSV file does not come in the correct format we can still upload the products to your store at an extra cost. Please contact us for a quote.


      No code editing will be done during Revision rounds. Only changes to the built in cofigurations of the theme will be done.

      There will not be any editions to code (HTML, Liquid, CSS, JS or any other) unless specifically estipulated within a quote.


        We will setup any theme the client provides. If the client chooses a paid theme he will have to cover this cost additionally to the setup pricing. This price is only included in the Pro plan.

        For any type of Shopify setup quote, NinjaNutz's work will be limited to the initial and correct configuration of the platform, theme, payment gateways, products, collections, menus, colors, logos, images, email notifications, taxes, checkout, menus, navigation, general configuration and apps. We offer up to 60 days support - depending on the plan picked by the client - for any problem that may arise from our setup. If you contact us during the support period, we will fix the problem without an extra cost to you.


          Shopify monthly or annual plan and its fees, apps fees, or payment gateway fees are not related in any way to NinjaNutz and must be paid to Shopify in order to run a Shopify store.


            Facebook and Messenger Channels will only be integrated to the store if the client already has an existing Facebook Page. We will not create a Facebook Page nor will we provide support for Facebook related topics or questions.

            Channels that are integrated to the store (Facebook, Messenger, Amazon, etc) are subject to approval by their team. NinjaNutz will not be held responsible under any circumstance for products that do not abides by that social media's terms and conditions. NinjaNutz will only work on fixable issue that prevent products from being synced to any channel installed, but ultimately, the approval of the products is up to the social media platform and their terms and conditions. NinjaNutz is never to be held responsible for products that can't be synced.


              Some apps may be needed in the store in order to provide a specific functionality. Apps have additional monthly or one time costs. We will let the client know if there is an app needed so he can authorize its integration. Apps are charged by Shopify.


                Available communication channels are email, chat or whatsapp. Different communication channels are available depending on the plan or package bought.

                We work Monday through Thursday, 11am to 7pm CST. We reserve Fridays as personal development days to better our business, while nights & weekends are reserved for our families of course. If you have an extremely urgent issue, we are available at a rush fee of $150/hour for work occurring outside standard hours. Support via whatsapp, email and chat is also subject to our office hours.

                  MONEY BACK GUARANTEE:

                  If your store doesn't include everything specified in your package, you can ask for a full refund 30 days after delivery. Deleting any work we have done for you will not qualify for a full refund. We don't offer refunds for buyer's remorse or any other reason. So we encourage you to get in touch with us to answer all your questions before buying. We don't offer refunds for late delivery.

                    PRICE & PAYMENTS:

                    For 2 or 3 installments there will be an extra 3% or 6% commission respectively for the total quoted price. NinjaNutz will send a subscription for the total amount and the client will have to activate the subscription. The following payments will be automatically billed the same day of every month until the last payment is made. We only allow installments via subscription and not any other method. Work will not be started unless the subscription has been activated. If no installments are indicated or asked by the client, the full payment is required to initiate any work.

                    Prices and terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

                    The client automatically accepts all terms and conditions at the moment of making any payment, activating a subscription, using our website or accepting invoices coming from NinjaNutz via any of our invocing tools available at the time.


                      NinjaNutz will not be responsible for technical, legal, or any other problems from apps, themes or Shopify. None of those are related to NinjaNutz in any way.

                      The client agrees and understands that there may be last minute changes in costs, especially if there are apps that once installed don't provide all the features needed or requested. NinjaNutz will let the client know of any changes that happen and will wait for the client to authorize any change of any app before installing.

                      There is a confidentiality agreement and respect of information betweent NinjaNutz and the client, even after the end of the project.

                      If the project was cancelled by the client, NinjaNutz will cease any work immediately. Refund policies still apply.

                      To initiate any project we will create the client's store from our Shopify Experts account. If the store already exists the subdomain will change by a similar name. This does NOT affect in anyway the way the store works and the visitors of the store will only see the domain. They will never see the subdomain.

                      NinjaNutz earns commissions for creating a new store. Commissions do not increase the monthly pricing plans for clients.

                      The client accepts not to make any changes to the store while NinjaNutz setup service is running. The client will be able to make any changes to his store once NinjaNutz has formally delivered the store.

                      The store will include the text "Created by NinjaNutz" on the footer. The removal of this text will have an extra cost of $35 USD as this requires code editing.

                      Delivery takes from 10 - 24 business days. For the Pro Plan the Facebook Ads Campaign does not count towards delivery times. Delivery starts counting after we have received all information from the client, correctly formatted, and not counting the Revisions (only for Advanced and Pro plans).

                      The client must read Shopify's documentation to learn how to use his store. He can also contact NinjaNutz within the support perioud to get counseling about how to use and manage his store.

                      Any work or task that is not stipulated within the quote and is later required by the client will generate an extra cost.

                      All our plans or packages are subject to change at any moment and without notice. If a package changed just after a client bought it, we'll respect the plan that was originally bought unless the plan was purchased and has not been used within 1 year of its purchase.

                      We make no assurance, representation or promise regarding future earnings or income, or that you will make any specific amount of money, or any money at all, or that you will not lose money.

                      You should undertake your own due diligence regarding your evaluation of any services and/or products presented on this website, and this includes relying on qualified professional advisors to assist you with your evaluation. For the foregoing reasons, you agree that we are not responsible for any decision you may make regarding any information presented on this website or any of the services and/or products presented on this website.

                      It is your sole responsibility to resolve any possible legal or financial problems that may arise from the ongoing use of your store and you agree that we will not be held responsible under any circumstance for any legal issues of any kind derived from the misuse, mismanagement, or any other possible conflicts originated between you and your clients for running an online business.