Contact & Support

To provide a better service for you, it's important that you be as detailed as possible when sending your request to us. Provide examples if possible. The more complete and detailed your request is, the easier and faster it will be for us to follow up or solve your request.


How can I contact you?

    1. You can leave an email in the form you can find in this page. Please make sure you double check your email for any typos, otherwise it will be impossible for us to reply back.
    2. Send us an email to
    3. Chat with us on Messenger:

Can we have a meeting or talk on the phone to discuss a project?

Not at the moment. We don't offer one-on-one meetings or phone calls. We work and communicate via email and other very powerful and great collaboration tools. Trust us, you will find we have a high response time and you will not be disappointed.

There is an amazing Chrome extension that helps you record videos of your screen and automatically generates a shareable link. This is particularly useful for projects that need to be shown and explained in words at the same time. Get the free extension here: This is our main tool and we use it with all our clients. You will be glad you use it.

What are your working hours?

It’s our policy to work Monday through Thursday, 11am to 7pm CST. We reserve Fridays as development days to grow our business, while nights & weekends are reserved for our families. If you have an extremely urgent issue, we are available at a rush fee of $200/hour for work occurring outside standard hours. Support via messenger, email and chat is also subject to our office hours.

When can I expect to get a reply from you?

We normally reply very fast and within the first 4 hours or receiving your email. When we have many requests it may take us up to 24 hours to respond.

We always read your emails and will always answer your emails. If you send an email outside our working hours, our reply times start the next business day.