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Mastering Shopify Sales: The qikify Advantage for E-Commerce Success

Mastering-Shopify-Sales-The-qikify-Advantage-for-E-Commerce-Success NinjaNutz®

Mastering Shopify Sales: The qikify Advantage for E-Commerce Success

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If you're reading this, it's likely because you're dedicated to the success of your online store, which undoubtedly, with all the growing competition in 2024, will depend on various factors.

The most important will be the correct use of several strategies that allow you to showcase your brand's values to connect with your customers and thus earn their loyalty, the relevance of your offer above the price of your products, and a business model that allows you to sell your products to the same customer again and again.

Implementing strategies that truly work often comes with the slight inconvenience of needing several apps to include them in your store. But what if you could take advantage of using just one app to implement between 80% and 90% of the strategies that can genuinely improve your conversions and increase your sales without needing to pay more money?

That's why we want to introduce you to qikify Sales Pop up & Proof and all the advantages that this unique app has for the growth of your business.

Social Proof: Building Trust and Credibility

As you probably know, social proof is one of the key factors that encourage new customers to make a purchase, especially when the type of product they want to buy is new and they haven't had experience with something similar before.

Social proof is the easiest way to instill trust in your new potential customers.

What makes qikify Sales Pop up & Proof a great choice for Building Trust and Credibility? Among other things...

qikify sales pop

1. Recent Purchases display shows visitors to your online store what's hot this season and the most sought-after products by your customers. This encourages potential customers to make these purchases because if so many people are buying them, they must have something wonderful to offer.

2. Product sold count shows how many products have been sold recently, giving your next customer the confidence that there are active shoppers making purchases in your store.

3. Visitor Counter shows your potential customers how many people are online looking for your products. It's like walking into a restaurant, seeing it full of people, and thinking, "The food must be really good because it's packed!"

Scarcity and FOMO: Driving Urgency and Desire

If you're not familiar with the term, FOMO stands for Fear Of Missing Out. It's a social effect that drives people to say yes to things and buy quickly, just so they don't feel like they're missing out on something potentially important, and thus, continue to be part of the group or society they belong to.

This is a psychological and social phenomenon that can help you increase your sales when you use the right tools.

For this, qikify Sales Pop up & Proof has, among other tools:

qikify social proof

1. Sold Count display: Few things trigger more FOMO than the thought of something ending before you can have it. By displaying the number of products sold.

qikify cart countdown

2. Countdown Timer: It's important to encourage your customers to make quick decisions. For this, qikify Sales Pop up & Proof offers a cart countdown option that removes customers' purchases after a certain time. This activates buyers' FOMO and helps them be more decisive with their purchases, because otherwise, they might miss out on the product they desire.

Popups: Capturing Leads and Promoting Campaigns

Did you know that, on average, you need a minimum of 6 effective contacts with your customers before they decide to buy?

By effective contact, we refer to each time your customer comes into contact with your brand and actually engages with it.

Even with all the social proof you can show them, there are still customers who may be interested but not yet comfortable or convinced that your products are the best option for them.

That's why you have to constantly be present in their minds. How? By creating content campaigns that reinforce your brand values, showcasing important promotions, and providing personalized recommendations to your potential customers.

But first... you need an email to send this valuable information to.

That's where capturing email accounts becomes very important for the success of your business. qikify Sales Pop up & Proof offers you various popup options that can help you at this point, such as...

qikify pop up

1. Email and Newsletter Popup: Encourage your followers to join your newsletter in exchange for unique discounts, dynamic offers, special promotions, etc. Keep in mind that the hook should be interesting enough for your customers to decide to join your newsletter. After all, yours is likely one of the hundreds that land in their inbox.

2. Discount Popup: Many customers will want to take advantage of the special discount you're offering them. By displaying it as a pop-up during their stay on the page, it's much easier to obtain an email to connect with your customer later on.

3. Exit Popup: If your customer is ready to leave, but you want to make one last attempt to get that email, with the exit popup, you'll have one more chance to convince them not to leave without taking advantage of the offer or discount you have for them.

Promo Bar: Amplifying Campaigns and Announcements

When your customer enters your website, the first thing that will catch their attention is the promo bar that appears at the top of your online store. This is the ideal space to showcase new collections, special offers with countdowns, or even invite them to join your newsletter.

qikify Sales Pop up & Proof offers you several customization options so you can select the setup that works best for your online store.

qikify promotion bar

Analytics: Monitoring Performance and Optimizing Strategies

Intuitively, you know that reviewing your store's analytics is important, but they can be a bit confusing or difficult to read.

The advantage here is that qikify Sales Pop up & Proof boasts a clean and simple layout, making it much easier to use and understand.

qikify layout

In this way, it's much easier to grasp the analytics that truly matter. For instance, the Conversion Rate refers to the percentage of people who end up making a purchase in your store. These numbers vary according to each industry, so it's crucial to conduct deeper research to understand what's working for you and how to adjust what isn't.

qikify analytics

Finally, ensuring that everything works on the mobile version is crucial, as over 50% of your customers are now making their purchases via cell phones. Ensuring that everything functions correctly will ensure fewer shopping cart abandonments.

qikify mobile optimization

Did you know that there's also a Free plan that ensures up to 500 unique visitors/month? That way, you can test its effectiveness before deciding to scale up to a paid plan.

As you can see, qikify Sales Pop up & Proof is a great option for managing many functionalities of your store, and although it's a very intuitive app, if you encounter any issues while setting it up in your store...

We’ll be happy to help you

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Here are a few things we can do for you:

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