How having a Shopify store will change your business forever

by Mariana Vega October 16, 2019

How having a Shopify store will change your business forever

Having an online store has never been easier and nowadays is a must. Your clients will expect to find you online, and if they don't, they might find it more convenient to buy from a competitor who they can easily find online and buy from whenever they want. In other words, not having an online store means you will lose money. 

Shopify is really easy to use, and it will give you all the tools you need to grow your business online. Here are some of the advantages of using Shopify:

  1. Choose from over 70 different themes (paid and free) and a variety of styles and colours to personalize your store as you wish.
  2. Shopify also supports more than 100+ external payment gateways. Shopify allows for safe and quick payments. 
  3. Manage your online store through your phone. You don't have to be on your computer to manage your store; you can do it easily wherever you are from the Shopify App.
  4. All Shopify themes are responsive, which means your customers will have a great online buying experience, regardless of the device from which they visit your store.
  5. You get unlimited products and unlimited bandwidth with any Shopify plan you choose. 
  6. Automatic emails are sent to help you recover abandoned carts and increase the possibilities of closing the sale.
  7. Reports included. You can see all your financial reports that contain key information from your dashboard. 

These are only some of the features and advantages that Shopify offers. The best way to see what this platform has to offer is to try it yourself. To have a more professional design and experience, contact us! Our team of experts will help you create an online store that converts. 

Mariana Vega
Mariana Vega


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