Foolproof strategies for writing catchy headlines

by Mariana Vega August 06, 2019

Foolproof strategies for writing catchy headlines

Good headlines are essential when creating blog posts or writing and email. They are the reason you open that email or click on that blog post instead of marking it as spam or closing that URL. To help you out in your quest for better content, we share with you these foolproof strategies for writing catchy headlines:

  1. Keep it short. KISSmetrics has reported that readers tend to absorb the first three words of a headline and the last three words. In other words, a 6-word headline is ideal.
  2. Curiosity. Use this technique not very often since it can get old fast. Don't give away too much info in your headlines; this will improve your chances of being read. 
  3. Social-proof. It's well-known that when making a decision, we tend to look at other people's opinions. One way of including social-proof in your headlines is by writing how somebody else did something. 
  4. Offer. People love free stuff, so giving away something your audience wants is a great way to make sure they will open your emails or read your blog posts. 
  5. Scarcity. This is a great marketing strategy. Give people a limited quantity or limited availability. They will run to buy your product!
  6. Urgency. Make sure your audience knows they have to act now. Give them a deadline, and make sure it's a real deadline to buy/download/ something.
  7. Storytelling. Telling authentic stories that highlight a benefit will increase engagement since people will relate to your story. Storytelling is a very important and powerful technique that will help you have a higher impact on your audience. 
  8. Add the words "HOW TO." Small tip with a huge impact. Don't overuse it though. 
  9. Gain. Highlight a benefit people will gain from doing x or y. Remember, pain and pleasure are the reasons people buy certain products. 
  10. Threat. If you don't do x, then you won't be able to y. 

Read those tips carefully. They can be beneficial and increase engagement importantly.

Mariana Vega
Mariana Vega


Co-Founder of NinjaNutz, Mariana loves writing and creating beautiful content for various industries. She is the main copywriter at NinjaNutz and is also in charge or Social Media. Her two cats give her tons of inspiration to create amazing content for various clients.

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