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$ 10,700.00 MXN

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Is your store not looking professional and attractive enough? We got your back. We can reconfigure your current theme and make it look as professional as it can be. Here are the tasks that will be done in your theme:

  • Navigation menu setup (mega menu if the theme includes it)
  • Various sections added to the store
  • Professional, high quality images used throughout the storefront
  • Collections added to storefront
  • Products added to storefront
  • Footer setup
  • Newsletter included to storefront
  • Logo and color palette added to storefront, checkout pages and notifications
  • Secure badges in store

You get one revision included in our Theme Makeover service. If you need to purchase an extra round of revision, you can at $99 each.

Revisions start at the moment we deliver the first theme setup, and you can ask for tweaks and changes to the following elements:

  • Texts
  • Images
  • Sections (add, remove or rearrange)
  • Colors
  • Typography

We have worked with dozens of clients from all around the world, delivering beautiful, modern, professional and responsive Shopify stores. Go check our portfolio!

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This service does NOT include changes or configurations that are done in the backend of your store such as, but not limited to:

  • shipping
  • taxes
  • payment gateways
  • products
  • pages
  • collections
  • installing liquid codes from apps

The only exception to this is the navigation menu for themes that have a Mega Menu feature. If your picked theme has this feature we will create the structure of the Mega Menu considering your current navigation and will add more Collections and navigation options if possible.

This service also does not include custom code development or coding of any kind.

We highly suggest that you already have your products and collections added to the store so we can configure your theme taking your product's images into consideration when we are working on the design so that all the visual style of your store is more unified.

This service doesn't include a professional Theme.

General terms and conditions still apply with your purchase of this service.

If you require a complete configuration and setup (from start to finish), such as adding products, creating collections, setting shipping, payment gateways, etc, we encourage you to check our Full Shopify Store Setup Service, which also includes the Theme Makeover as part of the service, along with several other tasks to give you a 100% working store, ready to sell online.

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