• Shopify Setup & Migration FAQ's

It’s our policy to work Monday through Thursday, 11am to 7pm CST. We reserve Fridays as development days to grow our business, while nights & weekends are reserved for our families. If you have an extremely urgent issue, we are available at a rush fee of $200/hour for work occurring outside standard hours. Support via messenger, email and chat is also subject to our office hours.

Currenty, all of our projects are fixed price, fixed scope, and billed upfront. This ensures that you always know exactly what you’re paying and for what outcome. Our fixed-prices mean no blown budgets.

We stand behind our work. If your store doesn't include everything specified in your package, you can ask for a full refund for up to 30 days after delivery. Deleting any work we have done for you will not qualify for a full refund. We don't offer refunds for buyer's remorse so we encourage you to get in touch with us to answer all your questions before buying.

We collect 100% of payment upfront for all projects. Once we get your payment we'll let you know all information we need from you to get started. Don't worry, it's basic and easy information you need to share, such as address, phone, shipping costs, logo, images, etc. You will also need to send your products information. Please consider that our service is subject to our terms and conditions.

Delivery times takes around 10 - 24 business days depending on the amount of products and information you want in your store. Delivery times start counting after we have received all information from the client, correctly formatted. Revisions don't count towards delivery times.

Yes! You can find them here.

Yes! You can find it here.

Of course! For a personalized quote, please contact us and let us know the details of your project with as much detail as possible. We'll follow up on your request and provide a personalized quote for you.

Yes! Add your products to the cart and proceed to the checkout. Select PayPal as your payment option and you will be able to select 3 installments.

You need to send a CSV file with some specific information. To get a sample of the CSV file click here.

For details on how to prepare your CSV file please contact us. 

You know your audience and product better than we do, so we’ll ask that you supply the source content we’ll work with. Photos, illustrations, and copywriting. We’ll then punch that up and lay it out nicely in your Shopify store.

Yes! Same pricing applies for migrating a store to Shopify.

For a Dropshipping store though we will only add up to 50 products. Not more. So please pick the 1-30 product option when ordering for a Dropshipping store. Products will be synced from Aliexpress. You can always add more products to your store later on and we will teach you how to do it and how to process sales.

Revisions are requests made by you to make certain changes in the delivered design of your theme in order to get closer to the visual styles and layout you want.

Remember that Shopify Stores are built with Themes, which come with a set of built in options to configure to achieve a certain look. No code editing is required to configure any Shopify Theme, so our revisions include any type of configuration you want us to do or change to the theme that is already part of the theme's built in options. So, revisions don't include any type of code editing. If required we will provide a quote for that.

Some examples of the things you can ask during a Revision are:

• Add/remove/rearrange sections

• Change text

• Change images

• Change navigation menu links

• Change colors

• Change fonts

• Change collections or products

• Activate or deactivate functionality that is available in your theme (examples: popup, newsletter, currency conversion, mega menu).

Each theme is different, so the built in configurable options vary from one theme to another, however this is a general idea of the things that can be changed. In all cases we will let you know if your request can be done by simply configuring the theme or if it can't. For these cases we can offer a quote for code editing.

*Unlimited Revisions expire after 3 months of starting the Revision process.

All Shopify Themes are coded in Liquid, which is a template language created by Shopify. Code editing is any type of job where we need to directly touch the code of a theme to achieve some specific layout or feature that can't be achieved by simply using the built in configurations available in a theme.

Some examples could be the following:

• Adding trust badges to the product pages.

• Changing the padding or margin of a specific element or section in the theme.

• Adding text on the product pages that only applies to specific products or a specific collection. Example: "Please allow 10 days for manufacturing".

• Change color for heading or body text in one specific section of the theme without changing colors on all other sections.

• Add "agree to terms" checkbox on cart page.

• Add tabs on products descriptions.

• Create a new template with different layout that can be applied to specific products.

• Hide "add to cart" button and show "contact us" for specific products or collections.

• Etc.

These are just examples so you get an idea of the types of things that generally require code editing. However it always varies from theme to theme because each theme has different configurable options. So please keep in mind this list is just an example and not a rule.

Once project has started and we are working on your revisions, we will always let you know if your request can be done via the theme's built in options, or if you require code editing to achieve something in particular.

Since code editing varies all the time it's impossible to provide a general pricing for our coding jobs because we don't have an hourly rate.

We always require that you provide details, and if possible, examples (images, links, mockups) of what you want to achieve and we provide a quote for that job which depends on the time and complexity of the job.

Feel free to contact us if you need more information. We know it can be a lot of information and maybe even a bit challenging at first, but we are here for you! Contact us and we'll be happy to answer your questions.

Yes. Our service doesn't include the price of a professional theme. You can always pick a free theme if you prefer. We'll configure any theme you pick as part of the service. 

Yes. We can recommend any of these themes here. These themes are highly rated, very configurable, beautifully looking and professionally developed to avoid any malfunctioning from poor coding. 

Plus, these themes can be updated while carrying over most of your personalized coding - if any - while saving you hours of work and money. 

Note that the main things you should consider when picking a theme are:

1. Layout (check all styles of the theme to get an idea of its flexibility and what you could potentially achieve visually) 

2. Features - all themes are different so you will see different features from one theme to another but try to pick a theme that has the features you like or need or will need in the future. Examples of features: shipping calculator on cart, currency converter, mega menu, swatches, filters, related products in product page, tabs for products descriptions, etc. 

Support is provided during the whole duration of the Setup or Migration project and for up to 30 days during the Revisions phase. If no Revisions were purchased in the service, you have 30 days support with us from the moment of delivery of the store. Support includes:

- Teaching you how to manage your store (create collections, add navigation, do basic changes to your theme, etc)

- We may send video tutorials if required

- Fix any incorrect configuration that affects the adequate store functionality (if any)

- Coding configurations or information that requires coding knowledge

- Telephone or live video calls

- Any app support

- Reverting changes made by you that affected or broke the adequate functionality of the store

- Hiring another team to work in the store at the same time as us without specific notice of the type of work they will do may end up in an instant and irreversible denial of our support.