Premium Apps

You can choose to have us install Premium apps that will provide you additional features to help your conversions*. All apps shown here have a free plan and the app will be installed on the free plan.

Price per app installation $39 USD**.

Upgrade to a paid plan may be needed in order to continue using the app or to enable additional functionalities of the app.

Apps to choose from: 

Reconvert Upsell your products or collections in the thank you page and increase purchase frequency.
Yotpo Send automated emails to past buyers requesting for a review of your products. Reviews will be updated automatically on the store.
Wishlist Reduce shopping cart abandonment and send targeted emails to fulfill sales from customers who didn't purchase.
PushOwl Send push notification campaigns to bring back your store visitors, at a fraction of the cost of retargeting ads.
Loyalty Create a loyalty program that motivates customers to spend more to reach rewards, and then shop again to use them.


You accept that we are not liable for any issues or future charges made by any of the apps we install in your store and understand that it is your responsibility to know if/when an app will generate an extra cost for you.

* We do not make any guarantees about the results of using any app.

** Price in USD is approximate and for reference only.