CEMEX Supply

From zero presence online to one of the top Shopify Plus brands


NinjaNutz was excellent providing us solutions for our e-commerce website, the overall quality of the project speaks for itself!

- Enzo Landucci - www.cemexsupply.com

Our work together

Our relationship with with CEMEX began on 2017. We have helped them with ongoing services of all kind.

Initially, CEMEX reached out to us to position themselves online. They didn't have an online store and needed someone to help them do an Expert Setup, upload their products, create collections, customize their theme, and do the rest of the configurations that any Shopify store needs to launch.

We helped them get started in e-commerce and successfully launched their Shopify store.

Once they had an online presence, they wanted to expand capabilities, develop new features and have a stronger presence online, while also providing an exceptional customer experience for their clients and give them the purchase options and flexibility they needed.

This led to several custom development projects as there were no apps that would do what they needed, so we had to develop most of them from scratch to make them fit their particular needs.

When the time came, we helped them upgrade to Shopify Plus seamlessly and continued developing solutions for their unique needs. One of them which became possible after the Plus upgrade, was to customize their checkout process to ask clients to fill out their tax information when checking out.

Here is the timeline of the biggest milestones we have helped CEMEX with:

  • Setting up their Shopify store from scratch.
  • Launching Shopify store
  • Initial Theme Setup and Customization for first launch
  • Rebranding store by installing and customizing new theme with new look
  • Developing a "pick up in store" feature that shows unique store's inventory and address.
  • Developing custom updates for their customers inside their accounts to know the status of their orders.
  • Developing a custom setting that allow CEMEX supply admins to specify unique delivery times for individual products.
  • Helping them upgrade migrate to Shopify Plus.
  • Implementing upsell / cross-sell options on the cart page to increase conversions
  • Updating their checkout process to request tax information from clients on each purchase.
  • Implementing wholesale capabilities to offer preferred prices for customers based on certain criteria.
  • Custom banner design to use on their store.
  • Updating notification emails to include order status details about the delivery process.
  • Ongoing support.

Today, CEMEX owns a successful e-commerce business on Shopify Plus and keeps on growing consistently. We are proud to be their go-to support team and solution provider.


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